The City of Helsinki raised their parking taxes 1/1/2010. The new taxes have to be updated to your Comet before you can load money to it again.
Here you can update your Comet's parking taxes and clock. In addition, you can read the latest parking records from your Comet.

If you can't update your comet yourself, you can visit our Comet customer service point , or Helsinki city's Public Works Department's customer service to update it.

You can also send your Comet to be updated to:

Laatukilpi Oy
Opastie 10

NOTE! Remember to specify a return address.
  1. Before you connect your Comet to the MiniUSB-cabel, make sure that your Comet is switched off. The Comet USB-driver needs to be installed on your computer. You can read instructions for installing the driver on the "Comet settings"-link. The driver works with Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers are supported.
  2. Connect your Comet to the MiniUSB-cabel. "USB" appears on the Comet's screen. Choose your desired function at the bottom of the page.
  3. If you select "Update Comet", the parking taxes will be updated in your Comet. Wait for the page to tell you that the update is done before disconnecting your Comet.
  4. If you select "Read parking records", the latest parking records will be read and removed from your Comet (max 20pcs) and stored on our server.
  5. If you select "Update your Comet clock" the clock in your Comet will be updated. You will get a notification when you can disconnect your Comet from the cable.